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Why should you switch to a VoIP office phone system?

VoIP systems have become the first choice for businesses of all types and sizes. They will give you far more flexibility and control for your business and are also likely to save you money.

From one handset to many handsets and users, we can help you to devise your new system providing a solution that is far better than your existing one. VoIP systems do not require the physical installation of new lines. Everything works over your broadband Internet connections so the service can easily expand as your business grows

Key Features

Our solution delivers advanced call handling and management features through an intuitive interface. Key features include:

  • Traditional handsets, soft/mobile clients, and hot desking

  • Directory services – click to dial

  • Auto attendant, call queuing and parking

  • Voicemail and voice-to-email transcription

  • Voice and video conferencing

  • Call recording

  • Secure administration portal


We will help to assess your current office phone system, your Internet connection, your current and projected call volume, and patterns, and whether you would prefer to manage the system in-house or have us manage it offsite. Whatever system you deploy will give you a flexible, scalable telephone solution with the potential to boost your team’s productivity saving you money at the same time.